Was ist ARANEA? What is ARANEA?


ARANEA ist eine Projekt für Mädchen und junge Frauen. Verschiedene Angebote und Workshops können Mädchen und junge Frauen im Alter von 10 bis 18 Jahren bei ARANEA in Anspruch nehmen (siehe Mädchenzentrum).

Zudem bietet ARANEA - Verein zur Förderung von feministischer und transkultureller Mädchenarbeit auch Fortbildungen und Beratung für MultiplikatorInnen, 
welche in der Arbeit mit Mädchen und jungen Frauen tätig sind (siehe FACHSTELLE MÄDCHENARBEIT).


ARANEA – organisation for feminist and transcultural gender based youth work – is a non-governmental organisation based in Tyrol/Austria. Our aim is to empower girls and young women regardless of their social, cultural, religious or educational background.

ARANEA coordinates a small girl´s center where young women have the possibility to meet, talk to each other, listen to music, ask for support, rest, develop new competences etc. in a safe and gender sensitive environment.

ARANEA offers and organizes free of charge workshops for young women between 10 and 18 years on different topics (for exampe: job counceling, intercultural learning, selfe defence, technics, arts, sport etc.). Empowering girls means to provide them a wide variety of role models – this is way all workshop leaders are female.

ARANEA coordinates and carries out trainings for youth workers in field of gender based and transcultural youth work (for example: development of transcultural competences, sex edcution, anti-discrimination in youth work, methods in work with girls, gender sensitive counceling etc.). On the same time ARANEA supervises teams in youth centers, public instutions, youth organizations in case of challenging situations within the work with girls.

ARANEA cooperates with different partner organisations and public institutions on a regional, national and international level to raise awareness abouth discrimination, racism and sexism in society.

ARANEA consists of a multi professional team (social workers, pedagogues, women with technical education, social scientists) that covers a wide field of expert knowledge.

On the background of a society  where gender based discrimination and racism is still a daily reality, youth work with girls and young women requires a strong advocacy – ARANEA tries to engage herself on the way towards a more inclusive, non-discriminating and gender equal society.

If you are interested in a cooperation or if you have questions about ARANEA, please don´t hesitate to contact us: info@aranea.or.at